Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Comment on my last post got me thinking.

What will the “great reset”, look like? Well, that’s the real question of the day.

First, I think you have to gauge the magnitude of the problem to estimate the effort it will take to solve it. Not our problem. The common folk just want to live and let live by and large. No, the problem belongs to the banking elite. The “Money Changers”, since biblical times and before.

The Money Changers have controlled civilization on this planet covertly since Egyptian times, and probably earlier. In Egypt they were the priest class. They controlled the Temple granaries. There was grain involved for sure, but they also controlled the gold bullion supply of Egypt. The Hebrews were never slaves. That’s just plain historical fact. They were mercenary henchmen to the priest class. In fact, I wrote a post some time ago about the theory that the biblical book of Exodus is actually the story of the priests of Egypt using their Hebrew mercenaries to plunder the Egyptian treasury and go found their own kingdom. The puzzle pieces all fit if you think about it. Why else would “god”, command the Hebrews to commit genocide against all the original inhabitants of modern Israel? Jerusalem was the first of many independent Money Changer enclaves, like Monaco, The City of London, Switzerland, etc. etc.

I suspect the Money Changers were alarmed by the American Revolution. They had been stripped of one of their slave colonies. There was all this talk and writing about “Freedom”, and “Liberty”. Can’t have that!!! They immediately set about corrupting and crushing the US on many levels. They NEVER have a single plan in play. They ALWAYS have multiple overlapping strategic programs running.

One such plan, perhaps the deepest and most significant one, was to de-monitize silver. The Money Changers had ruled the planet for many thousands of years controlling the supply of gold. They let the peasants use silver. Who cares? Gold is, “the money of kings”. It worked for them flawlessly. When Spain discovered the new world the supply of silver dramatically increased. There was enough of it around for free men to accumulate significant amounts of capital. Factories started popping up. New kings appeared on the land in the form of self made men. It lead to an unprecedented planetary expansion. The Money Changers may have thus identified silver as the root cause of the American Revolution. They may have decided to get rid of it once and for all.

Alexander Hamilton started the ball rolling to de-monitize silver in the US almost before the ink on the Constitution was dry. Similar agents went to work in England and all around the world. After many decades of preparation the Money Changers sprung their trap. The Coinage Act of 1873 wiped silver from the money supply of the US. Similar acts decimated all of Europe and the developed world. There is little written in history of the horrible result. China, which had almost no gold and used silver as money nearly exclusively, was crushed. The economies of the developed nations collapsed en masse. The human misery was almost unimaginable. It was just the beginning.

I believe that the two World Wars, that the German Weimar hyperinflation, that all these great upheavals and world wide calamities that have beset mankind for the last 150 years were the inevitable result of that one stupid mistake by the Money Changers. I also believe they know it.

I believe they yearn for the days before 1873, when they had a stable world that was just enslaved enough to serve them, but was stable enough for them to feel safe and comfortable. Great and destructive wars came only once a century. Not every twenty-five years like they do now. Most wealth was stable from generation to generation. No one has suffered more potential loss from the great ponzi paper currency program than the Money Changers themselves. Their ancient wealth, hoarded with such great care century after century, has all been converted to worthless paper. They didn’t realize that by entrapping the entire planet they would entrap themselves.

That is the problem they face. That’s what they aim to solve with the coming crisis. They are feverishly converting their treasure from paper back into gold and silver as I write this in anticipation of the next phase of their plan. Look at the unprecedented sales of silver and gold bullion around the world for yourself.

What will the Great Reset look like? Look around you. It has already begun.

It will have to be so dramatic, so devastating that it wipes away the entire ponzi paper finance system. Every last shred of paper and paper based debt must go. The slate must be wiped clean so they can start again. Think of the magnitude of events it will require to make that happen and you will get an idea of what we will face. Think of how long that planetary program will take to carry out and you get an idea of how long we will have to continue to suffer through the changes.

There is one more factor in all this. The reason you see clear evidence of the Money Changers disagreeing and fighting amongst themselves these days. They’ve never done anything this big before. They historically operated the world in a very tightly controlled fashion. The Great Reset will be, must be uncharacteristically global and violent. They’re afraid. Very afraid they could loose control of the whole thing and the planet could go up in smoke. That’s not what they want. They want to get back to the good old days.

Will they succeed? I don’t think so. Look at history. How many times in history have kings and prince been able to regain their former glories once lost? The parable about Humpty Dumpty answers that. Once the egg is broken, well, who knows what will come next.

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11 Responses to Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

  1. gibby62 says:

    The inhabitants of the promised land were to be killed because their DNA was corrupted by Nephilim (resulting in the giants that were described as living there).

  2. Breezybret says:

    I look at Ben and the Fed as walking on the edge of a butter knife. Any wrong move will cause them to fall, and not the way they want.
    To me all the news weather mainstream or from the alternative media is a to obfuscate the money changers, chem trails, drugs, harrp etc. yes they are forms of suppression cause from them but it draws attention off the money changers.
    I have recently really understood the slavery that we are in. And it is now hard to talk to people that aren’t somewhat aware. I did figure out one thing. And that was to talk about solid objects. Seems to work . They can’t really think for themselves. It’s sad, but I’m in the good old USA .
    Thanks for your view on history

  3. Pstonie says:

    Aaand… it’s gone!

      • Pstonie says:

        All jokes aside, kudos for swimming against the current when you felt it was necessary. As you no doubt know, chasing up the truth requires that spirit often.

        On the topic of kony, their public information mobilisation model (not the flip the pyramid by being part of it part) is valid I believe, and has already been very useful to me.


        • I only backed down on Kony because the revelations that have come out convinced me that indeed I don’t know the whole story. I don’t have the energy or desire to inform myself of it. I do feel bad for what has become of Jason Russell. I have no idea what drove him mad. I only regret that any human should be driven to such a state.

          Never have heard of Operation Northwoods. I will check it out.

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